2023 0626 Essentials of Latent Print Testimony – Seattle, WA



June 26 – 30, 2023


0700 – 1600 Monday – Thursday
0700 – 1100 Friday


King County Sheriff's Office
Black River Building
900 Oakesdale Ave., SW
Renton, WA 98057

King County SO Contact

Rachel Peterson

Instructor Contact

Alice White
Email: Alice@EvolveForensics.com
Mobile: 702.769.9469

Hotel Information:

There are many hotels in the area. The training site is in Renton, WA near SEATAC

Download Class Flyer: Essentials of Latent Print Testimony

There are two primary domains of knowledge that support the validity of latent print discipline: 1) science demonstrating the discriminating power of friction ridge impressions and 2) science demonstrating trained analysts can provide accurate conclusions. In some cases, analysts learn this information as part of training, but they struggle articulating these complex concepts to the trier of fact. Other times, analysts learn only to repeat statements that cannot actually be supported with data and are often an over-simplification of nuanced topics.

This intense 4 ½ day workshop will review key concepts and research underlying both domains that can be used to support latent print admissibility. The instructor will facilitate discussions and mentor attendees.  Attendees will devise questions and answers covering concepts and practice testifying in a nuanced manner that does not over-state what can be supported by published research. The content of the course is organized into four blocks that logically build on one another to promote learning. Each block is reinforced with a testimony practical.

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