Latent Print Education Series

The following videos provide a quick reference to topics important to Latent Print Examiners.  For a broader understanding, students are encouraged to attend on site training provided by Evolve Forensics.

Click on the titles below to view the videos on Vimeo.  Please note many are still in production.

LPE 1: Friction Ridge Skin Morphology: Understanding Persistency

LPE 2: Friction Ridge Skin Physiology: Understanding Persistency

LPE 3: Friction Ridge Skin Embryology (Coming soon)

LPE 4: Friction Ridge Skin Aging

LPE 5: Friction Ridge Skin Wound Healing (Coming soon)

LPE 6: Friction Ridge Skin Warts (Coming soon)

LPE 7: Developmental Noise (Coming soon)

LPE 8: Twin Studies (Coming soon)

LPE 9: Point Minimums (Coming soon)

LPE 10: Visual Expertise (Coming soon)

LPE 11: Analyst Performance: Black Box Studies (Coming soon)

LPE 12: Analyst Performance: White Box Studies (Coming soon)

LPE 13: Developing Suitability Criteria (Coming soon)

LPE 14: Complexity in Latent Prints (Coming soon)