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Analysis of Distortion in Latent Prints

This two-day workshop focuses on the Analysis phase of the ACE-V (Analysis, Comparison, Evaluation, Verification) process. During the Analysis of a latent print, the analyst is gathering information. The analyst is detecting the features they may use during the comparison, setting tolerances for variation in appearance, and determining the utility of the print. The ability to detect these features in the latent print and the establishment of tolerances for variation in appearance are inextricably linked to the distortion present in the latent print.


Essentials of Latent Print Examination

This five-day course brings together foundational knowledge, complex comparisons, and testimony practice into an intense weeklong course. The academics are rigorous; group work is required; and verbal responses to testimony-style questions are essential.


Power Palm Prints

This two-day workshop is dedicated to the friction ridge skin of the palms.The palms have regional variation in the crease patterns and ridge flows that can be exploited to determine the anatomical region and distal orientation of latent prints. Additionally, the patterns on the hands have a distribution within the population that informs the rarity of level one features during the ACE-V (Analysis, Comparison, Evaluation, and Verification) process.