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Many thanks to each and every person and agency that supported Evolve Forensics with the 2020 transition to live webinars. Since we aren’t quite out of the Covid woods just yet, live webinars will continue for 2021. We miss seeing everyone’s faces in training, so hopefully some “in person” training will be viable by the last half of 2021. Some new webinars are in the making, so stay tuned.

Forensic evidence plays a key role in decisions throughout the  criminal justice process. Forensic evidence however, does not speak for itself. It requires the mind and the voice of the practitioner to interpret and present the evidence to decision makers. Evolve Forensics promotes the integrity of the interpretation and presentation of forensic evidence by broadening the minds and strengthening the voices of practitioners.

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"She was knowledgeable and her personality kept the subject matter interesting."

"Excellent! Very good people skills! Had you focus on everything that she said, just Excellent instructor!"

"...I will be able to apply the information to my daily duties. Great course!"

"Great! You have so much information to provide and you did it in a great way! You made stats easy to understand!"

"I have heard so many good things about Alice but actually meeting and learning from her, I definitely see her as a role model!"

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"You really know your stuff and explained it well in a way I understand."

"Alice's knowledge is incredible and at times overwhelming (in a good way). Her attitude is very fun and engaging!"

"Great format and way of describing info in an understandable manner!"

"...few trainers could have covered the type and amount of material so well, kudos to the instructor!"