On-Site Training Courses

Please note Alice has re-engineered her in-person classes, blending related topics at the core of friction ridge examinations: 1) distortion and identifications, 2) comparisons and exclusions, and 3) academics and testimony.

Each course is 4 1/2 days (36 hours) and priced at $650 per student in the United States and Canada (rate will be be adjusted to accommodate taxes or international travel, if applicable). All classes are approved training hours (36 hours) toward IAI Latent Print and Tenprint Certification and Recertification. Sixteen (16) hours of the Essentials of Latent Print Testimony can be applied toward the courtroom testimony training hours required for initial IAI certification.  To host a class, please contact Alice White via email: Alice@EvolveForensics.com

Host agencies receive a 10% registration discount. 

On-site classes that are open for registration can be found on the Schedule. If you are looking for online training, please click the Webinars page to be redirected to Evolve Forensics Distance Learning website.

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